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Developing Innovative Marketing Strategies



We see gains through our strategic marketing plans and consulting. Our services include any kind of marketing you can think of. We specialize in Brand marketing, Story marketing, Digital marketing, Web marketing, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social Media marketing and Email marketing.


Our projects range from small businesses to top tier corporations. From start up and all marketing aspects, to fully re-branding your company, to al-la-cart services provided. Our projects are of the highest quality, from our strategic marketing plans to our high budget media productions to the stories we fully tell. We are the number one media and marketing company around.


Our clients vary from start ups to successful corporations. We have worked with Royal Gorge Ranch and Resort, White Water Bar and Grill, Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours, Royal Gorge Rafting, Royal Gorge Vacation Rentals, Cañon Thrives, Fremont Adventure Recreation (FAR), The Edge in Castle Rock, and Freedom for Fremont. 

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Growing up in the Royal Gorge region was a great gift. We were born and raised, right here in Cañon City, CO. Though we have traveled around a bit, gaining the education and knowledge that we needed to be successful in both media and marketing, we are now back in the Fremont County area and are taking off, full speed ahead.

Royal Gorge Marketing was started by Ben Black, Dalton Beicker and Eric Luther in 2022, after many years of working in the film, media, and marketing industries. These three have an emphasis on quality over quantity, as it always should be. You get what you pay for in this day and age. Story is our specialty. We create stories that people will remember. Through our skills in film/video production, we engage audiences and capture their attention better than our competitors. Through our marketing tactics, we stay ahead of the curve and and make sure our stories stay on top. And finally, our consulting is unmatched. If you need professional advice in media or marketing, we have all of the answers. Come at us.

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“This will be a great team. Quality is always needed over quantity. This team could lead the way.”

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